How can you help as a volunteer?

Volunteering with the band offers opportunities for parents to share experiences with their students and get to know other parents in our community.

Students have a great time at band functions, why can’t the parents have fun as well! (And we have tons of fun!) And who isn’t looking for adult interaction outside their own family?

If your availability changes or your interest changes that is fine. We all go through different seasons and many have additional children at home to look after as well. If we all pitch in a little we can accomplish a lot.

Below are descriptions of many opportunities for you as a parent to get involved in our program. This list only covers many of the regular and larger opportunities and there are others not listed. Feel free to contact our Volunteer Coordinator for additional information or to sign up!

All volunteers must fill out the CCSD Volunteer/Mentor Application and sign the Guidelines for Volunteers each year and return it to Mr. Long. All forms needed to volunteer are listed at the bottom of this page.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • 8th Grade Night
  • Band Camp & Extended Practice Hospitality
  • Band Camp & Water Duty
  • Chaperones
  • Concessions
  • Fundraising
  • Pit Crew
  • Printer Cartridge Recycling
  • SAPA
  • Senior Night
  • Spirit Wear & Ticket Sales
  • Uniforms

Descriptions of these Opportunities


These volunteers chaperone the students at all times during the marching band events (Friday Night both home and away, Competitions, Parades, Trips, etc.). This will mean riding on the buses on away football games and competitions, supervising during restroom breaks, assisting students as we move from one location to another, etc. While playing during football games, the team of volunteers will help ensure that our band member stay hydrated and will tend to any small first aid assistance that is needed.


This team coordinates all aspects of the visitor concession stand for all home games including Junior Eagles. Team coordinator will ensure that all items necessary for cooking and selling are in place including, food preparation, utensils, etc. The team committee will assist the coordinator in purchasing, transporting, and stocking the concession booth.

Griller: Grilling up the best hamburgers and hot dogs on Eagle Mountain!

Band Camp & Water Duty

This team fills water coolers prior to outside marching practice. This allows the marching band students to re-fill their water bottles. The volunteers will chaperone the students on the practice field to help Etowah staff with any small first aid assistance that is needed or to help with an over heated student. This description will likely adapt to serve our students to stay safe during the COVID pandemic.

Band Camp & Extended Practice Hospitality

Hospitality team plans, orders, and delivers meals for staff. Team members are needed to help with set up and clean-up of meals for staff. This team begins its work in a couple of weeks prior to band camp and assists during Saturday rehearsals.

Pit Crew

This team will coordinate all aspects of getting band equipment to the football games and marching competitions. The team will be helping the team load and unload instruments, props, and all items necessary for the EHS Band to perform at their events.


Will assist the team coordinator with established fundraisers. In addition, team volunteers will help develop new fundraisers. Email VP Fundraising for more info or to get involved!

8th Grade Night

Eighth Grade Night is an evening for eighth grade students from E.T. Booth to experience a football game with the EHS Marching Band. The Eighth Grade Night team will be responsible for planning and executing the event as well as selecting a souvenir for Eighth grade students. The middle school liaisons will make contact with the middle school directors.

Senior Night

Volunteers to carry out events of senior night. Senior night honors all seniors and their parents during the nightly football game including the senior band students and their parents. There is usually a presentation held before the game in the EHS Band Room for the senior students and their parents with a gift being presented to the seniors. To receive a gift the student must be in good standing.

Spirit Wear & Ticket Sales

The ticket sales team will step forward whenever tickets are sold. Such times could include, but are not limited to, the Band Banquet, DCI, and football games. The EHS Band has a section of reserved seats at home football games that are sold to band parents. This a small revenue raiser for the band as a surcharge is added to the cost of the football tickets to benefit the band. Most of the work is done at home doing paper work, filling out a spreadsheet, typing in email addresses, double checking paperwork, packaging and distributing tickets.


Will assist the team coordinator during band camp to fit all marchers and assist with fitting for marching shoes. Volunteers will help coordinator during the season with uniforms both before and after football games and for competitions.


We will be hosting the best Winter Guard competition again this year. We will need help staffing this event and transportation for the awesome judges coming from around the country to our show. This event will be a huge money maker for our program and highlight what makes EHS and the EHS Band program one of the best in the state.

Printer Cartridge Recycling

Everyone participates in the recycling program. Just bring in your recycled cartridge and the team volunteers along with the coordinator will sort, box, and ship cartridges. The Band gets a credit for each approved cartridge in the form of a quarterly rebate.

Forms and Documents